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’22 Jump Street’ is the hilarious sequel 2012 comedy ’21 Jump Street’ which sees America’s most immature cop duo take on an even bigger job. It has been directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’, ‘Clone High’) and written by main star Jonah Hill with Michael Bacall (‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’), Rodney Rothman (‘Late Show with David Letterman’) and Oren Uziel (‘Mortal Kombat: Rebirth’).

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Cheap Jerseys china Trump attacks Michigan AG after she calls him a child over mask disputePresident Donald Trump lashed out at Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel in a series of late night Twitter posts Thursday after she called him a “petulant child” for not wearing a mask during most of his tourtour of a Ford plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan and suggested the company could face consequences for allowing him to violate state orders. Of the Great State of Michigan,” Trump wrotethat Nessel should not take her “anger and stupidity out on Ford Motor” or else the company might leave the state. Trump said it was not Ford fault he didnot wear a mask during the part of the tour that was open to news media cameras, but he added: “I did put on a mask” for part of the visit Cheap Jerseys china.