A mix of clouds and sun and a bit warmer Monday

They have something call a 4 People Retirement Plan and it is awesome! If you follow that week by week, it shows you how to get out of debt in just 10 weeks! No Joke! I am on the plan as we speak and have been working very hard to get their quicker. There is work involved to get those four people and you want to make sure you help your people if they need it. You DO NOT have to be on the phone all day, by that I mean just let them know you are here to help them grow their team, because remember this is your team too so you will want to help them..

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Softeners are great for showers and laundry, but terrible for drinking! As far as added sodium in the water, that is not the main issue. You may add one hundred milligrams of sodium to your body by drinking softened water for a day, which is about one twentieth of the daily allowance. But, given all the food sources that you can get too much sodium from, it all adds up.

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