A night of drinking doesn’t fit into his regiment

De Villa: Well, we’re certainly not stopping people from wearing masks if they feel that that’s an important thing to do. And we’ve heard already from our partners at the Public Health Agency of Canada that in those circumstances outside where it’s difficult or impossible to maintain physical distancing, that wearing a mask is a reasonable thing to do. But remember that when we’re talking about wearing a nonmedical mask, we’re talking about you preventing your germs from going to other people rather than protecting yourselves from others.

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Rudson said he has to make a lot of sacrifices not just physical, but social, as well. Aside from the 20 30 hours of pure training he does a week and that’s not counting all the other time he has to put into his career he needs eight to wholesale jerseys from china 10 hours of sleep every night and needs to be careful about what he puts into his body. A night of drinking doesn’t fit into his regiment.

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