After reaching out to Mike, I worked closely with

Just completely shut down.Now, recently, for other reasons, I seen school counselors, a therapist, a psychologist, and a psychiatrist, and I not been able to properly talk to any of them. I refused it for the longest time, but eventually gave in, and was even excited for my appointments, wanting to get better. Yet, every time I got to their office, I would go silent, and get very annoyed and want to leave.

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If there’s any good news it’s that Garrett’s helmet swing doesn’t appear to have done more damage to Rudolph. The outcome could have been much, much worse. If that would have happened in a bar or some other venue, it would have been an assault with the possibility of jail time.

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Across the country, practice facilities are beginning to open up again, even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to run rampant. Players are allowed to work with one coach, and limits have been placed on how many players can be in the facility at one time. The assistant coaches will be required to wear masks and gloves..

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