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Has some very good veterans who have been playing together for a long time. There are only certain things we are able to do. We not very big and we not very fast. For instance, management and human resources should evaluate the images used with any recruitment ads.”Are they stock photos of white men high fiving each other?” Robinson says. Similarly, Lester says,”We (the auto industry) need to do a better job of reaching out to the community as employers and actively recruiting at schools that are majority populated in diverse areas, to provide the road map on the various career opportunities that are available in this industry.” According to Jenell Ross , president of Bob Ross Buick GMC and Mercedes Benz of Centerville in Ohio, “It starts with taking a chance on someone who doesn’t necessarily look like you.”Support D CausesAuto dealerships have long been pillars of their communities, supporting causes ranging from youth sports teams to nonprofit fundraisers and charities. Florida dealer Megan Bush Del Pizzo, vice president of the Jacksonville based Tom Bush Family of Dealerships, has adopted a strategic approach to the company’s philanthropy.

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