Becoming a successful franchisor is not a do it

Those who are interested in franchising a business and do so without competent guidance, do not understand how difficult and expensive the journey can be. Becoming a successful franchisor is not a do it yourself project!One must first decide if franchising is a good fit and then decide if a particular concept is a good fit. The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is our response to helping people gain insight into those issues.

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In today’s busy real estate world, great deals can be hard for investors to find. That is why today we are excited to bring you a special episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, recorded live at the TradeKing stage at FinCon 2015. In this interview with Chad Carson, you’ll learn his top seven favorite strategies for finding great deals even if your market is overheated! If you need to buy a great deal this year, the show is for you!.

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