But hours later, he started feeling nervous after

By the time football season ended, Branch still had never seen Charles touch a soccer ball. During warmups on his first day with Charles at practice, Charles worked through a simple drill, passing and dribbling to improve his footwork. The coaches knew Charles was an exceptional athlete.

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Tampa Bay has been on quite a slide since they beat New Orleans back on October 16th. Since then they’ve lost three straight starting with their trip to London, and frankly none of the games have even been close. Today, their leading runner and receiver combined for 81 yards.

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It also comes on the heels of an insightful Reuters survey south of the border. The poll found that 42 per cent of sports fans in the United States defined as those who had attended at least one professional game in the past year would return as soon as spectators were allowed back into stadiums, parks or arenas. Another 39 per cent of sports fans, however, said they would prefer to wait for the arrival of a novel coronavirus vaccine before returning to the fields or rinks of action.

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JT you will be missed. One of our sport’s all time greatest assistant coaches. And a Horseshoe guy, through and through. Was just a good coach and all the players had great respect for him. That a very important part of being a coach, is that players have respect for you, understand what you talking about, what your philosophy is about winning. And Don was very good at all that.