But the FAO revised this document in a 2013 version

Although Farner was never known for his technical virtuosity on the guitar, he became a kind of one man band (as trios sometimes need!), playing lead guitar and keyboards, banging on percussion and writing most of the group’s songs. Then Farner left the band in 1977, going solo with albums such as Mark Farner. After that, Farner began playing Christian rock in the 1980s.

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Cheap Jerseys from china A new documentary is making some online waves with its claims that the current global process for addressing climate change is missing the main source of emissions: cows and other livestock.When we dig into the relevant research, we see that the laudable point that our meat eating habits are indeed leading to far too much environmental destruction is weakened by the inaccurate claims about the greenhouse gas emissions from raising animals, as well as entirely unsupported accusations that organizations that choose not to focus on this issue are being paid to keep silent.The key document that the duo behind Cowspiracy relies on is a 2006 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), which found that 18 percent of global emissions of greenhouse gases are related to animal agriculture.18 percent is a good chunk and shouldn be ignored if we are taking climate change seriously.The problem, however, is that this figure is misleading. First, about half of that 18 percent is from the fossil fuel energy used in the livestock industry for growing feed and transporting feed and livestock.So that brings us to about 9 percent of global greenhouse gases from livestock emissions. Cows and some other livestock emit a large amount of methane from fermentation, digestion in other words.But the FAO revised this document in a 2013 version and found that the 18 percent figure should have been 14.5 percent, again with half of that coming from livestock emissions rather than fossil fuel emissions related to raising livestock.So we down to about 8 percent of global emissions from livestock rather than fossil fuels and other sources.Also, the revised FAO report looks at global emissions data only through 2004 and, in the ensuing 11 years, fossil fuel emissions have risen remarkably due to nations like China and India adding many hundreds of new highly polluting coal power plants.The net effect is to reduce livestock emissions to even less than the 8 percent figure just described.So, yes, livestock emissions are important, but they are far outweighed by emissions from fossil fuel use, by a factor of more than 10 to 1.But is the FAO report too conservative? The movie also cites a 2009 Worldwatch Institute article that looked at the same data as the 2006 FAO report and concluded that the FAO had seriously underestimated the total emissions from livestock Cheap Jerseys from china.