Cloud; Randy Fine, R Palm Bay; Mike Hill, R

Again, injuries were a major factor, and draft picks take years to fully evaluate. Looking at rookie seasons for first round receivers and tight ends over the last decade shows that their production is fairly similar. Yes, many tight ends are effectively big, jumbo receivers.

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Although you don’t necessarily want an I back, we ran more I formations in the ’90s, and Garrison Hearst thrived, as he is now. Watters was an ideal West Coast back a great runner and receiver. And I would love to see Faulk in a West Coast offense.

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According to Tuesday’s announcement, “Clotilda: The Exhibition” will draw on archaeological reports released by the Alabama Historical Commission. “The Exhibition tells the stories of the Clotilda and Africatown in the context of slavery and maritime shipping along the Gulf Coast,” it said. “It includes the histories of the final journey of the Clotilda, the settlement and history of Africatown, and the discovery of the sunken schooner, all through a combination of interpretive text panels, documents, and artifacts.”.

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