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The 16 year oldhas competed with the Sylvania Northview High School girls cross country team for the past three years and has never had a problem with her Nike hijab, which Nike specifically created for women athletes.According to her cousin,ZobaidaFalah, Noor was not informed that her hijab was a problem until after the race.’Instead, they let her run the race thinking she was fine and after the race, while she was searching for her time alongside her teammates, she discovered her time wasn’t there,’ Falah wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.Scroll down for videoNoor Abukaram (pictured on Saturday), 16, an Ohio high school athlete, was disqualified from a cross country meet for wearing a Nike hijab on SaturdayNoor ended up running the race without being told that she was disqualified due to her hijab’When she asked why, her teammates responded, “because of your hijab.”‘ Falah added.Falah also included Noor’s recollection of the incident in the Facebook post.According to Noor, officials were checking her and her teammates as per usual to make sure there were no uniform violations.Noor said one of her teammates had to change their shorts because of a stripe that didn’t match the rest of the team’s shorts.’Immediately, I began to wonder if they were going to call on me next since I was wearing all black pants and hijab. I have been a student athlete my entire life, and every time we compete, the thought crosses my mind during uniform checks. At this point, the girl on my team changed her shorts and I was relieved that they had not said anything to me,’ Noor said.But that’s when she noticed something ‘suspicious’ happening between her coach and the officials.RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 NextNBA star Ben Simmons claims being called the ‘N word’ as a.

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