Dozens of London residents gathered on a damp autumn

The problem with rescue and shelter dogs is simple: you don’t always know what kind of history they have had before you get them. A dog who is completely docile and laid back in the small cage he is used to may suddenly turn rambunctious and even out of control once in a larger, more open room. Taking any dog, whether it is a freebie dog from a newspaper ad, a shelter dog or a pedigreed pooch from a local breeder is a risk no breed is immune from the so called “bad apple”, that one dog that just makes the whole breed look like slobbering maniacs.

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W5 first began investigating the gruesome murder last fall. We were intrigued by the fact Jackie’s sister was holding a vigil all these years later. Dozens of London residents gathered on a damp autumn night to retrace her final steps, when Jackie left her part time job at a local diner and was seen getting into a car halfway across a bridge overpass..

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