Following the attacks, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

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cheap nba jerseys However, according to the United Nations, the group was responsible for almost half of the more than 10,000 civilians who were either injured or killed in Afghanistan last year.Khalilzad was instrumental in Washington’s signing of a landmark deal with the Taliban in Qatar in February that aims to end America’s longest war. The agreement, which has seen America begin to draw down troops from the war torn country, was meant to pave the way for the Taliban to enter into peace talks with Afghan government officials, representatives of the opposition and members of civil society. Deal.Tension has also arisen over the identification of prisoners and over which Taliban prisoners should be released first, with the government opting for the sick and the elderly who are less likely to return to the battlefield.Mudslinging and accusations of wrongdoing have been the norm for months in Afghanistan, but the attacks on the maternity hospital and a funeral ceremony in Nangarhar province Tuesday have made the cheap nba jerseys prospect of peace feel even more remote.Following the attacks, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced that he had asked Afghan security forces to switch from “defensive” to “offensive” mode and appeared to blame the Taliban for one of the attacks.”Today at the government hospital in Kabul and in [the] funeral in Jalalabad, people witnessed Taliban and Daesh terror,” he said Tuesday, referring to ISIS by its Arabic acronym, without specifying which group he blamed for which attack.ISIS later claimed responsibility for the Nangarhar attack, according to Flashpoint Intelligence, a global security firm. cheap nba jerseys

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