Gotze’s younger brother Felix is also at Augsburg

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wholesale nfl jerseys Borussia Dortmund hero Mario Gotze will be looking for a new home this summer, announced BVB sporting director Michael Zorc.Gotze, 27, has played 20 times this season with three goals and an assist, and of course is known for his World Cup winning goal for Germany against Argentina.[ MORE: Bundesliga rising stars ]He was linked with Everton last month, with West Ham, Gladbach, and AC Milan also connected in that Bild report.The target forward also can handle attacking midfield duties but has struggled to keep a consistent spot in wholesale jerseys from china the Starting XI at Dortmund and Bayern over the past few years.A BVB youth, Gotze connected for 41 goals and 45 assists in first five seasons between Germany’s top two sides, but posted just 16 and 16 in the next five (though he had seven goals and seven assists last season.It’s clear Dortmund has a monster at center forward in Erling Haaland, whose release clause won’t be active for another two years according to reports.Gotze’s younger brother Felix is also at Augsburg, having left Bayern Munich in 2018. Zorc prematch presser:”We will part ways with Mario Gtze this summer. It was a mutual and respectful decision.Saul, 25, has become an indispensable part of Diego Simeone’s midfield and was one of the steadiest parts of Atleti’s victory over Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League wholesale nfl jerseys.