He is a real estate investor who went from nothing

It looked to me like it hit a power line and plowed into the ground.”An intense fire erupted after the crash but it was quickly brought under control, Bell said. “It was quite a large fire and there were two to three explosions after the plane caught fire, after the crash itself,” he said.Pedro Torres, who lives about two blocks from the crash site, saw “a big flash” from the window of his home when the plane went down. He said the crash was preceded by the sound of what he described as “a backfire” and the noise of an engine with an open throttle.”My house shuddered like an earthquake.

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Cheap Jerseys china The plane, an Airbus A300, clipped trees and nearly hit a house before plowing across about 200 yards (meters) of an empty field short of the runway, a senior official with the National Transportation Safety Board said.Pictures from the scene showed the partially crumpled nose section of the aircraft still largely intact, emblazoned with the words Worldwide Services. But it was completely severed from the body of the aircraft and surrounded by debris, including UPS packages from the belly of the cargo hauler.The NTSB official, Robert Sumwalt, said investigators had still not been able to retrieve the A300 cockpit voice and https://www.jerseyonsale.us flight data recorders, about 12 hours after the crash occurred, because fire crews were still dousing the wreckage.”The tail section of the aircraft is still smoldering, still smoking,” Sumwalt told reporters.The tail and wing sections ended up about 75 to 80 yards ahead of the cockpit, he added. CDT (1000 GMT), according to the Federal Aviation Administration.One of the doomed crew members was identified as 37 year old Shanda Fanning of Lynchburg, Tennessee, according to her local sheriff office.A 26 member NTSB response team from Washington is leading the investigation into the crash, Sumwalt said. Cheap Jerseys china

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