He is best known for his hit TV show 50 Ways to Kill

Born in Libya to an Irish mum and an Egyptian dad, Baz Ashmawy grew up in Rathfarnham, Dublin. He is best known for his hit TV show 50 Ways to Kill your Mammy, which won the International Emmy for Best Non Scripted Entertainment in 2015. Baz followed his spiritual journey back to practising Islam for The Lost Muslim on RT.

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Be it donating to various charities, offering his Juhu hotel to healthcare providers or feeding 25,000 migrants during Ramzan, actor Sonu Sood has been working relentlessly towards helping those in need amid the Covid 19 pandemic. And he took his philanthropic work a step forward when on Monday (May 11), he arranged ten buses for 350 migrant workers to help them reach their homes in Karnataka. Organising n sponsoring buses to take migrants back to their homes.

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