His work ethic is one of the best in the room

Rachel Freeman, a senior, died Monday at the scene.Freeman intended to sign a collegiate scholarship for cross country on Wednesday, according to Dustin Horstkoetter, the school district’s safety and security director.The other four injured are, according to Horstkoetter: Kolby Crum, a senior who was in critical condition at a hospital Tuesday. Joseph White, a senior who still was in a hospital Tuesday for unspecified injuries. His condition wasn’t available.

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Injuries can trend from a severe concussion, a skull fracture, a neck fracture, which can result in paralysis, plenty of risk fractures from trying to break your fall, and literally, if you do bleed inside your brain, it could result in death. Shenker family from New Jersey knows all about the potential dangers. The Skull Breaker Challenge sent their 13 year old son to the hospital with a concussion..

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