I can say racing was even on my radar two weeks ago

Things got very confusing in the American Corolla world during the middle 1980s, with front wheel drive Corolla models sharing showroom floors with unrelated rear wheel drive models. In 1987, you could choose between the AE82 Corolla FX16 GT S and the AE86 Corolla GT S, depending on whether you wanted to fry the front wheels or the rear wheels with your 4A GE engine. You can still find the FX16 cars readily enough these days, and they’re just as much fun to drive as an AE86 (though your grandma’s new Camry will eat up both types)..

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Make three parts of readymade cake base. Keep one part of a cake base on a plate. Spread finely chopped strawberries on top of it. Was an unexpected opportunity for sure. I can say racing was even on my radar two weeks ago, Kenseth said. Spending some time thinking about it and all the unique circumstances surrounding all of us right now, it just seemed the timing and the opportunity was perfect to come back.

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