“I never be able to afford a holiday like this again

I declined as I already had a bad experience with Tui and decided to ask for my money back instead, as per their terms and conditions.”The agent accepted and explained that her refund would be issued within the next couple of days.However, almost a cheap jerseys month later, Nichola is still waiting for the refund to be processed.”I tried to contact Tui on four separate occasions and have been on hold for around nine hours in total. They sent me around in circles even asking me to contact my local store despite the branch being closed. I received an automated response back saying the branch was closed and no longer responding to emails.”Nichola, who is registered as disabled, is now thousands of pounds out of pocket and unable to get hold of Tui.”I never be able to afford a holiday like this again, it was supposed to be a one off but it just been a nightmare from start to finish.

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