In such situations place one in the puppy pen

Good posture is also a part of being a friend to your back. This may require you learn proper posture and bending techniques. Other precautions involve the avoiding of lifting heavy weights, reducing stress; quitting smoking (which narrows the blood vessels and leads to a decrease in the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the spine), and finally getting the proper amount of sleep and exercise! In order for the body to improve mobility and strengthen muscles exercise is a must!.

Residents of Montgomery County are our priority and we are taking measures to continue to educate and inform residents on the changing status in our county. Because we still currently do not have any confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Montgomery County, we ask that you please do not go to the ER if you are seeking COVID 19 testing unless directed to do so by our office or your primary care doctor. By calling us and asking questions and getting guidance, you will help us prevent the unnecessary spread of viruses, the release states..

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