It was a continuous, out of the ordinary thundering

Earlier, women were known to be excited about fashion and style. Leather handbags, belts, shoes, etc were the style statements for women. Now fashion industry has taken a turn and men have also come to the forefront to share likeness for luxury leather goods.

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Worcester went 1 for 4 on the power play while South Carolina went 0 for 2., JD Dudek (IR), Kyle Thomas (IR), Yanick Turcotte (IR), Tanner Pond (IR), Dylan Sadowy (IR), Arnaud Durandeau (INJ), Ben Thomson (INJ), Evan Buitenhuis (INJ), Jack Macnee, and Ivan Chukarov, did not dress for Worcester. Mike Cornell and Linus Soderstrom are all with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. Justin Murray has now played in 45 straight games Worcester has 17 games left on the regular season.

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What makes catching Rupert a challenge is that he is a loner who hangs out on the fringes of society. He hides out in shadowy places where few notice him come and go. He has no fixed address, no close family to speak of, no credit cards, no bank account and no driver’s license.

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