It was a story that I lived, but I told the story

Dad has always liked the Seahawks, so I became a fan, too, Tyler said prior to the game. Played in a previous Super Bowl about five years ago, but lost against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I think defense will win this championship. We write this not for recognition, but because we want our community and our colleagues to have a glimpse into how life has changed for us and perhaps gain a little bit of understanding from our neighbors and community. Because despite the tough days when we wish we could get a simple hug, even with the whispers from across the bank counter or concerned looks from neighbors, we are proud to take care of this island COVID 19 patients. They are isolated, even from us.

Many employers will pay for part or all of an employee’s degree , since they stand to reap the rewards of a more highly educated worker. So getting a part time education can be a win win situation if you’re currently working for someone else. Not only will the new degree likely result in a better job and/or higher wages, but you won’t have to break the bank to get it.

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