It’s likely games would be played without fans in

MCD flood protection system of dams and levees is working as designed, preventing floodwaters from affecting downtowns along the river from Piqua to Hamilton, Gibson said. All five of MCD dams are temporarily storing floodwaters. Storage begins when the water levels rise to near the top of the conduits (concrete openings) at the dams, she said..

wholesale nba basketball The “hub” concept would place teams in an NHL city to play, practice and isolate. Bettman has mentioned two or four hubs as a possibility, though that number could grow, and said NHL facilities would be required to properly and safely stage multiple games per day. It’s likely games would be played without fans in attendance, at least initially, and local safety mandates would be observed by all involved.. wholesale nba basketball

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“Under normal circumstances, I would be standing at Pimlico presenting the Woodlawn Trophy to the winner of the 145th Preakness Stakes,” Hogan said. “But as we all know these are not ordinary circumstances. However, I am proud to make this announcement on behalf of the state, the Maryland Jockey Club and Maryland’s historic racing industry that Preakness 145 will be held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, on Oct.

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