Jones led the NFL in sacks, tackles for loss, and

At CES, the big consumer electronics show underway this week in Las Vegas (when the lights are working), TechCrunch has learned that Verizon is working away on a couple of new services that will see the carrier once again trying to grow its business beyond basic broadband and mobile connectivity, as it gears up to compete with the likes of Amazon and other tech companies, as well as other OTT players like Hulu and Netflix, and stave off the threat of becoming a pipe. Source inside the company (which owns TechCrunch by way of Oath, the combined business of AOL and Yahoo, but maintains a hands off policy editorially) confirmed to us that the carrier is planning an the top content offering. It also working on a connected home product, a platform for residential customers to help managed things like smart lights, heating and alarm systems..

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