Mayor Stothert continuously encourages her city

Hospital is 13 kilometres from home but the roads were empty because of the lockdown, and we were able to reach in 20 minutes. All went well during Mr Dehlvi three day stay in the hospital, except that his loud chatty voice would often startle the fellow patients. Nevertheless, the poet is so charming and affectionate that to nobody surprise he won many hearts no pun intended here.

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To reflect the measures taken for reopening, the governor announced that the Department of Public Health has updated the state’s stay at home advisory, replacing it with a new, “Safer at Home” advisory. The updated advisory instructs state residents to stay at home unless they are going to a newly opened facility or activity allowed under the first phase of reopening. People over the age of 65 and those with underlying health conditions are still advised to stay home with the exception of essential trips for groceries and health care..

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