My husband said last night he saw a few teenage boys

Here is my somewhat long report on life in, as you probably notice I decided to be comprehensive in what I included rather than selective, I hope it answers lots of questions you may have about doing an Erasmus year., the home of Quiche Lorraine and Bergamotes (sweets that are made from an extract of the same plant as Earl Grey tea) is a city of about 300,000 people in the North East of France, west of Strasbourg and south of Luxembourg. It is a major student city, with around 50,000 students throughout all its universities. main tourist attraction is the magnificent Place Stanislas, described in some tourist information as unanimement reconnue comme l des plus belles places du monde (unanimously recognised as one of the most beautiful places in the world), this is perhaps going slightly over the top, but it was restored to its original 18th century design in 2005, and is particularly impressive at night.

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