New Mexico has received more than $1 billion from a

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Cheap Jerseys from china Jim White, an Albuquerque Republican and member of the Senate Finance Committee, said he will object to any push to take more money from the Land Grant Permanent Fund. The 5% distribution level now in place, he said, is a prudent amount that provides hundreds of millions of dollars a year to support schools and other to be careful how much you take out of it, White said.There are expenses such as tax incentives for film production that could be examined first, he said.Top ranking lawmakers have said other budget balancing measures could include spending cuts, drawing down state cash reserve levels and the clawing back of proposed one time spending including $320 million for a new early childhood trust fund, $180 million for statewide road repairs and $55 million to shore up a state retirement system.Approved pay raises for teachers, judges and other state workers that are scheduled to take effect July 1 could also be reduced or put on on the chopping board now, I afraid, Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino, D Albuquerque, told the Journal this week.The governor top budget official, Finance and Administration Secretary Olivia Padilla Jackson, said Wednesday that the Lujan Grisham administration is taking a approach to revising the budget.That approach will likely include using some of the state reserves and reducing both recurring and one time spending levels, Padilla Jackson said.there is no doubt that these revenue losses are significant, the state is well positioned with over 25% reserves in its coffers, she said.Padilla Jackson also said state officials hope the Trump administration and Congress will give states more flexibility to use federal relief funds to address their budget crunches.New Mexico has received more than $1 billion from a stimulus package passed by Congress in March. Cheap Jerseys from china

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