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“Care home staff are already extremely worried about unwittingly transmitting this virus to their patients,” he said. “In recent weeks it has become clear that asymptomatic care home staff are testing positive for Coronavirus. “No one is underestimating the challenge care homes currently face, and maintaining staff numbers is crucial, but there must be a more flexible way of approaching this cheap nfl jerseys .

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wholesale nfl jerseys The government also lifted the restrictions on graveyards and allowed the burial of COVID 19 victims at all the graveyards in the province. “With the approval of Research Committee [a think tank] on COVID 19 and endorsement of the provincial task force on COVID 19, standard operating procedures (SOPs) for dignified rites of a deceased person with COVID 19 are hereby forwarded for necessary implementation with immediate effect. Bodies of the deceased [persons] with COVID 19 can be handed over to their families after ghusl (bathing) and shrouding [covering the body with a shroud called Kafan],” said Dr MB Raja Dharejo, an additional secretary of the Sindh health department, on Monday.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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