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Very competitive, Sherman said this week. Always a chess match with him, and you got to pick your spots carefully. HURTING Couldn be much healthier. WP Dobson Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion gimmer lamb: MJ Croft. Rough Fell. RFSBA Perpetual Challenge Bowl, best ram lamb: T,L,B Knowles.

Reports emerged earlier this year Sen. Numerous other senators also sold stocks around the same time as Burr, including Feinstein, as The New York Times reported she and her husband sold between $1.5 million and $6 million in stock in the biotech company Allogene Therapeutics between Jan. 31 and Feb.

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It’s disorienting to watch the Jays being horse traded away, piece by piece. One could have foreseen a long coupling of Sanchez and the Jays Stroman and the Jays too given how much care had been put into grooming them, delivering them to the majors. But the current front office has no particular fealty to either, the relationship close to tatters by the time spring training opened this past February..

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The experiment had made the front page in the New York Daily News. It gave him some short lived fame. It was soon however criticized by the medical community and denounced.. 2 Wranglers battle flu to maul Grizzlies Dec. 28 Miller’s hat trick axes Alaska Dec. 27 Futile power play costs Wranglers again Dec.

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