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The submission process is easy, and it a wonderful place for stories to live and be shared.Atlantic Puffin Derek Davis/Staff PhotographerWatch Maine Audubon’s live camsNational Audubon Society Project Puffin invites you to flap your online wings and head to its website where you find several live cameras in Maine that are trained on puffin nests and habitats. You never quite know what you see, and that half the fun. There also a seal cam where you might see seal pups, bald eagles and winter birds, depending on when you log on..

Pan later tweeted that he withdrew to reduce the risk of getting the virus: “Our lifestyle is like a circus, traveling from one place to another. We believe this is a time to exercise caution by not playing this week. McIlroy said it was a “scary time” and that the tour made a step in the right direction by eliminating fans.

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