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Last year we brought you news that RIM was developing BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a software solution that brings BlackBerry stye device and software management to iOS and Android phones. There was little information at the time on when BlackBerry Mobile Fusion would be getting a public release. Today, though, RIM announced that the software is finally available..

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nba cheap jerseys Another seller was offering a Pistol Pete LSU jersey. The picture looked like the jersey was outlined in black and gold. However, the colors of LSU are purple and gold. You draw so much energy from that.”The 31 year old has a past of playing for the Harlem Globetrotters, the famous Basketball show over in the States and he said that it was a fun experience to be involved in giant arena shows but that he glad now to be plying his trade in Leicester.He also spoke in depth about his mindset when it comes to professional sports and what playing for the Globetrotters has taught him in that regard, Scott admitted that from his perspective you have to always stay focused and be the best you can be and that for him playing sports professionally is a true blessing.Read MoreAll about Leicester RidersHe said: “That was a show right there, it was fun being involved in those giant arenas and getting the VIP treatment wherever you travelled. Honestly they were a class act. You can enjoy it but obviously there are so many fans at every event.’ nba cheap jerseys.