Reality star Khloe Kardashian donned a Boda Skins

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wholesale nfl jerseys BODA SKINS sold out Shearling CollectionThey’re the must have leather jackets that can be seen on celebrities, stylists, and influencers AND the designs can be found right here in Manchester.Boda Skins wholesale nfl jerseys from china , which was launched in 2013, is widely known for its high quality stylish leather jackets, which are handmade overseas and sold online and via pop up shops all over the world including New York, Paris, Sydney, London and LA.A list approval Its edgy designs have also been given the A list seal of approval.Justin Timberlake opted for a Boda Skins jacket when he went on stage at a show in Toronto, Canada, while clients also include Olivia Palermo, Johnny Depp, Amber Heard.And it’s not just Hollywood stars who have gone gaga for the brand.Reality star Khloe Kardashian donned a Boda Skins piece on the family’s hit show, Keeping up with the Kardashians.Retailing around 500, CEO and designer Nathan Alexander said his jackets were ‘made to last.’The business, which is based in The Foundry in Salford, has grown into a 3.5m turnover company through international pop up stores and influencer marketing having built its brand and reputation through Instagram.Boda Skins was developed after a chance meeting with a Turkish manufacturer.After completing a degree in product design, Nathan decided to move to Turkey with his then Turkish girlfriend.Chance meeting While there, he tried his hands at several different businesses including selling t shirts and hoodies on eBay.”It was hard doing business in Turkey,” he said.”I had friends who would help me out but due to the language barrier, everything was difficult, even going to the post office to send packages.”My money was running out fast and then one day I was at a bar playing pool when I met a man who owned a leather factory and it started from there.”And it was this chance meeting that led to Alexander to start designing his own range.”I’ve always loved leather jackets ever since my mum brought me one back from New York when I was seven,” he said.”It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and because I grew slowly, I wore it for years and had a huge emotional attachment to it.”The sense that a leather jacket was something you could love for a long time really stuck with me and inspired me to start designing.”Selling on eBay A day after the meeting, Nathan took three bus rides across the mountains to visit the leather factory.He then spent two weeks coming up with his own designs.”We had hit it off and I stayed at the factory for two weeks while we hashed out some new designs.”This factory was a small family run business, there were only 12 staff and the love and passion they had was amazing, but, the styles he had were really out of date.”I saw it as my opportunity to design something that I thought was modern , edgy and stylish.”We came up with three designs, but I had no money to pay him. So I said to him I’ll fly back to England and sell the designs to the local shops and we’ll get lots of orders.”Nathan kept his promise and returned to Manchester with three jackets. But convincing local shops and boutiques to buy them was difficult.”I slept on my brother’s sofa and everyday I would wake up and I’d take the leather jackets to the boutiques asking if they would like to buy them from me.”I didn’t think it was going to be so difficult but one after the other I got rejected and it hit my confidence wholesale nfl jerseys.