Shopping cards and credit card readers are being

DOJ warns Los Angeles, Illinois of possible illegality of stay at home ordersWASHINGTON The Justice Department warned state and local officials Friday of the possible illegality of their stay at home orders, as the agency continues to monitor restrictions meant to contain the spread of COVID 19. In a letter to Los Angeles officials, Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said their recent comments suggesting that stay at home orders may stay in place longer “may be both arbitrary and unlawful.” The Justice Department also said that Illinois Gov. Pritzker “sweeping limitations” on Illinois residents raise constitutional concerns..

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You’re heavily entrenched in the FI world, the financial independence world. You have your own podcast, and you’ve kind of gone on your financial independence journey starting really young. I think that’s an important thing for our listeners who can’t see you, who aren’t watching this interview now who can’t see how young you are.

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