Sometimes it’s a growing glow in your heart for the

On the same day he spoke with President Obama and Gov. Chris Christie Booker after the devastation of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Booker said the person he was most impressed by was an elderly man standing in the middle of a Newark street near downed utility poles during the storm. The man was making sure that his neighbors or anyone else stayed clear of the live wires, Booker said..

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The concert, part of Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s LACO at Home series, includes Kanneh Mason chatting with Music Director Jaime Martn. Sheku will be joined by his sister, pianist Isata Kanneh Mason, for selections from Rachmaninoff’s Sonata in G minor for Cello and Piano. The program also includes the orchestra’s 2016 performance of Beethoven’s Symphony No.

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