The Artemis Accords, consistent with the Trump

With the passing time and latest inventions a lot of things in our world have been changing. Transportation and conveyance has been evolved from traveling by foot to traveling by cars, trains and aircraft. Our clothing has been evolved from just leaves to the cotton and fibers.

Schmidt, 39, offers a compelling vision of how and why the criminal justice system needs to be reshaped, both to improve public safety as well as to better match the priorities and concerns of the community. As the head of the criminal justice commission, Schmidt has overseen a number of initiatives that explore ways to reduce repeat criminal behavior, often by connecting offenders with treatment and supervision. He argues that such efforts have shown decreases in recidivism by offenders, helping improve public safety better than the cycle of conviction and incarceration.

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“It’s cathartic,” Buckhantz said of his and Chenier’s new project. “It gets me and him back together again. We speak all the time, but to do it on a level where we’re actually talking about sports and issues of the day, it’s a very friendly, comfortable reminder of what we did together for 20 years.

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