The fighter jets take off from the mainland’s

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cheap jerseys “Everybody understands today is a special day,” the magazine in its Weibo account, referring to Tsai’s inauguration. “The PLA has capabilities and determination to safeguard China’s national unity.”According to the video, the attack is meant to destroy Taiwan’s air and naval forces as well as its air and shore based defences, to gain air superiority over the island, paving the way for a landing.But it does not include any potential involvement by American or Japanese forces.The simulated attack starts with two sets of missile launches one barrage fired from Ningde in Fujian province at a missile base on Dongyin island, the other fired from mobile rocket forces in Fujian at air defences and airports across the island.”In around four minutes, Taiwan’s air power is badly damaged and those Taiwanese aircraft that have already taken off, will be shot down with S400 missiles.”More barrages are fired to take out missile launch bases in the north of the island and aircraft taking off from eastern Taiwan.The fighter jets take off from the mainland’s southeast coast to take control of the island’s airspace, and a number of F 15 fighters from two aircraft carrier strike groups attack Taiwanese warships.”After nearly two hours. All anti air defence bases are destroyed and most of Taiwan’s warplanes are damaged,” the video says. cheap jerseys

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