The first cluster of infections in Wuhan were

Here are 18 of the biggest things that doctors, scientists, and public health experts have come to realize about the virus.Visit ‘s homepage for more stories.Since the novel coronavirus was first identified nearly five months ago, the world has come a long way in understanding how the virus spreads and attacks the body.Over 5 million people globally have contracted COVID 19, the disease caused by the virus, and there are nearly 3 million active cases.However, ongoing research has revealed that many of our best original assumptions about the virus weren’t fully accurate or in some cases misguided.China confirmed the first case of a mysterious pneumonia like illness at the end of December, for example, but reporting later suggested it likely started spreading it there in mid November. The symptoms of COVID 19 also turned out to be far more expansive and peculiar than anyone initially realized. Even our knowledge of how the virus gets transmitted has evolved.Here are 18 ways our understanding of the virus has changed over the course of the pandemic.The first cluster of infections in Wuhan were reported in late December.

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