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We can adapt, evolve into higher order thinkers who accept our responsibilities to our colleagues, to our clients, to the world around us. We can put trust back at the centre of our agendas because we recognise that without trust, no lasting or meaningful relationship of any kind is possible. That is the only truly rational view of the world.

Olympic marathon runner Steve Moneghetti has long been involved in the event and enjoys the challenge of the 85 kilometre road ride. Moneghetti said what struck him most at the launch was how messaging about cancer was gradually changing. “I love the comment (from Professor Kannourakis) that cancer is such a negative word but it will get to such a stage with the research George and his team are doing that it will be if you’ve got cancer, they can say, ‘okay, let’s treat that’ and life goes on,” Moneghetti said.

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