The test for sound quality is simple: turn a known

There is another factor that may be driving long term issues with the lungs, unrelated to scarring or fibrosis. We are learning those with Covid 19 also can form blood clots at an abnormally high rate. In rare situations, a clot that has formed in the deep veins of the legs may travel to the lungs known as a pulmonary embolism.

In addition, it important to acknowledge the societal victim shaming that takes place when survivors choose not to wish their abusers well, which may coerce them into feeling if they don feel a certain way. I heard from survivors that their narcissistic partners have said things like, “I wish you well,” after subjecting their victims to horrific incidents of abuse, yet their words have never matched their actions. Ironically, when victims are genuine about not wishing their abuser well, yet their abusers play the role of wishing their victims best while abusing them behind closed doors, society shames the true victims and the narcissist comes off looking like the morally superior one.

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