There are very few examples of a solid

A poor man’s bonsai. Kokedama has been popular in the Japanese culture for hundreds of years and can trace its roots back to the art of bonsai and the Japanese floral arranging art of Ikebana. It’s even been called the poor man’s bonsai due to its simple and inexpensive technique: anyone can make a dirt ball.

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Cook over medium heat until it comes to a bowl (the berries will release their juices as they heat). Reduce the heat to medium low, and simmer for an additional 5 minutes. Transfer to storage containers and freeze until ready to use. While at the Topkapi Palace tourists should not miss the arms collections. The best way to view the beauty of the place is by going on a hot air balloon trip. Early morning in many hot air balloons dot the blue sky which is a sight to behold.

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