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The New England Mutiny hosted the New York Surf at Agawam High School on a beautiful Saturday evening for soccer in western Massachusetts. The Mutiny (2 1 2) came out of the gates on the front foot against the Surf (1 3 2) but in the second half were left on their heels as the visitors upended a 2 0 halftime lead in the eventual 2 2 draw. After an inspiring come from behind victory in their season opener against UWS East leaders Connecticut (3 2), New England has only registered one win in their last four and have surrendered a lead in two of three home games..

Color is also a very important factor of the wedding dress. If you are thinking of the traditional white color, then it is all right, but now a days brides are taking some colorful gowns. So, while buying a different color, you should be very precise about the color selection.

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