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Cheap Jerseys china Home SearchAll we really know now is the season won start until September at the earliest, the Grey Cup could be in December and Regina will have to wait until 2022 to have its epic Grey Cup party.Outside of that, nothing is certain because the league is waiting to see if fans can even be allowed into stadiums come the fall.If not, the league has to look at which scenario will lose less money and go with that.It the reality of the failing business model of the CFL, which commissioner Randy Ambrosie admitted needs a redo.If you go ahead with a season, expenses go up paying players, travel, hotels, food, potentially extra COVID tests, etc. So without fans, will TSN money, sponsors and maybe a federal government top up be enough when teams are losing big money already?Will you lose less money by just cancelling the 2020 season and maybe entice the feds to give the league more cash to stay alive?If you looking to someone with the power to decide the future of the 2020 CFL season, it isn the commissioner. It likely the provincial premiers and chief medical health officers.. Cheap Jerseys china

Cheap Jerseys from china Mexico begins reopening despite coronavirus onslaught fearsMexico issued guidelines on Monday for restarting operations in the automotive, mining and construction sectors, pushing ahead with reopening the economy despite a growing national toll from the COVID 19 pandemic and concerns about unsafe work sites. With Mexico coronavirus death toll having surged past 5,300 , and with 51,633 known cases, officials are wrestling with how to restart key industries without triggering a greater spread of the highly contagious respiratory virus. Mexico reopening plans have drawn criticism from some politicians worried that the still rising pandemic tide in Latin America makes it unsafe to send more people to work Cheap Jerseys from china.